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Sunyu levitation technology CO., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of magnetic levitating products.Such as Magnetic floating globe , Magnetic floating lamps, Magnetic floating POP display, Magnetic floating photo frame and so on. Our company headquarters and manufacturing facilities are located in Shenzhen, China. International Experience Founded in 2001, Sunyu has accumulated significant experience as an ODM & OEM manufacturer and is ISO 9001 certified. Our products are exported to the United States, Europe, the Middle East, and South-East Asia. We are currently working with many well-known OEM companies around the world. Quality & Capacity As a result of many years of manufacturing experience, we offer our customers excellent product quality and performance. Our production capacity is capable of satisfying your delivery requirements regardless of quantity . Innovation Investment Sunyu is highly perceptive of innovations within the market of magnetic floating products market. Thanks to the efforts of an elite team of over fifty engineers, new products and features are constantly being developed and updated. Our primary goal is to assist our custo...




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